A bronze sculpture by the Danish Sculptor Jens Galschiot 

The artist Jens Galschiot is one of the most active sculptors in European art. He expresses himself in an idiom that extends the classic arts and crafts of sculpturing based on the naturalism. His sculptures are often characterized by surrealistic twists and an almost organic feel, that makes his sculptures easy to recognize. He mainly works in bronze and copper that is cast on his own bronze foundry.

Galschiot has also taken interest in the installation art and is therefore the initiator of some of the largest international sculpture manifestations. He uses, in this connection, his sculptures as catalysts for a discussion on the conditions of the humanism on this planet. His goal is to brake with the traditional space of art and give life to his sculptures in the real world. You can meet his sculptures in places such different as Hong Kong, a Mexican village, Brazil and in the the art collection of the German state in Bonn.

Larger Sculpture Groups
A presentation of the sculptures and commissioned work of Jens Galschiot. This also includes photos and descriptions of the various sculptures.

Bronze Clothing Art
For several thousand years sculptors have been fascinated by draperies and Jens Galschiot has focused on this theme in a part of his art work.

Smaller Sculptures
A presentation of the smaller sculptures. This also includes photos and descriptions of the various sculptures.

Workshop and Art School:
The sculptures are made in the several thousand square meters of buildings that contains bronze foundry, art school, art gallery, sculpture park, jewelry foundry and store.

Chronological description of Jens Galschiot and his past activities.

Happenings and Projects:
Detailed descriptions and photos of the many projects and art happenings carried out by Jens Galschiot. There are also thorough descriptions of the ideas behind them and links to both press releases and photos. Amongst these sculptures is the famous Pillar of Shame -  a 'Nobel Prize of Injustice'.

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